In the latest from our series focused on creators from Women Who Draw, we catch up with illustrator @Janna_Morton:

At a distance, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the text of this sixteenth-century prayer book is printed.

Closer inspection reveals that the text is written in a very precise hand, in imitation of typographic letters (a roman font).

The History of Plastic: Is McDonalds to Blame for The Single-Use Plastic Mess We’re In?

One of the legacies of this awful crisis is going to be the creativity of news designers in their search for arresting ways to visualize it

Steven Heller takes a look back at the branding and packaging of yesteryear's "miracle cures":

Polaroid is Back With a Fresh New Look Based on a Classic One:

Design Matters 

In an unprecedented $10 million initiative, a collective has banded together to offer rapid $5,000 grants to artists facing dire financial situations because of COVID-19:

When the team at Zetafonts found themselves isolated at home, they channeled their anxiety into designing type—and they're now releasing 10 faces for free.

For designers working from home. …

In an effort to blend political messaging, history and performance art in the time of COVID, Lincoln Cushing has begun to staple flyers on telephone poles in Berkeley:

On this #NationalBeerDay, might we suggest some Pabst Extract—“the best tonic”—from 1887, which can “turn depressing nerve exhaustion into active, healthy vim.”

On this #TypeTuesday, check out Degular by @OHnoTypeCo:

Free Adobe Talent/Portfolio. Free access to Adobe CC for teachers and students. Free MailChimp for small businesses. Free stress management and mindfulness classes. 11 ways companies are stepping up to help designers during the pandemic: 

Swiss Style: The Principles, Typefaces & Designers:

NASA’s Worm Has Returned!

On the latest episode of Design Matters, @DebbieMillman interviews photographer and painter Marilyn Minter:

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From Adobe to MoMA: 11 COVID-19 Resources to Support Designers:

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"Let whatever is inside you out." Steven Heller offers a micro-commencement speech to graduating design students in the time of COVID:


When—and why—did people start naming typefaces after themselves? PRINT explores:

Ken Carbone was in Rome when COVID-19 broke out, landing him in quarantine back home in New York. See the distinct "BC" and "AC" sides of his life in the latest CoviDiaries:

What do pilgrims, holy vulvae & pious phalluses have to do with the European invention of printing? …