Gorgeous work by Franco Grignani, utilizing the specific materiality of film type in the dark room. This is an ad for the Alfieri and Lacroix printing company. 1960.

15 Quotes from 15 Years of Design Matters with @DebbieMillman:

. @JamesVictore proves, once again, why he's been described as "part Darth Vader, part Yoda": …

A few words about one of my favorite stencil typefaces. Designed by @SNugue & published by @commercialtype, meet Orientation: …

. @JoeBiden vs. @MikeBloomberg. @BernieSanders vs. @ewarren.
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Tosh Hall’s branding philosophy? It comes down to doctors and Boy Scouts: “Leave the brand better than you found it, and do no harm.”

"When we see freedom in someone’s work, it frees us up; when we see intelligence in someone’s work, it makes us smarter; and when we see vulnerability in the work we feel closer, more human." @JamesVictore's Dangerous Ideas on Design Education: …


"My best students have always been the ones who failed some other course of study or life choice—because they carry with them the fire of that experience." >> Dangerous Ideas on Design Education by @JamesVictore: …

From the curious introductory price of $666.66 to spreads featuring David Carson, old @Apple and Mac ads are fascinating. Here are 20:

Ooh, also: I’ve just seen that Amazon reckons there’s a revised edition of Cyrus Highsmith’s book Inside Paragraphs coming out in the summer 

pics via @PaulShawLetters’ article for @printmag …

Need a quick refresher on the history and principles of Swiss Style? We got you. …

The @Pantone color projections are becoming a big street-style trend this fashion week.

Meet Valentyn Tkachensko’s Mak: An experimental font that merges Ukrainian folk tradition + electronic music #TypeTuesday

On day eleven of BHM, we’re celebrating Emory Douglas, artist and minister of culture for the Black Panther Party In honor of legendary artists, BC is hosting it’s first #CloseTheGap design contest. The winner receives a CASH prize and more!
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If Movie Posters Won Oscars  via @printmag

Submerge yourself in a world of color! #ARTECHOUSE presents #SUBMERGE, a new immersive installation inspired by @pantone’s Color of the Year 2020! On view NOW through February 23rd at #artechousenyc

On the new episode of Design Matters with @DebbieMillman, author Chanel Miller reflects on her journey to healing—and the role of art in her past, present, and future:

The extraordinary relief letters of the old Rhein Union building.


Making the Mac—20 Vintage Apple Ads:

The Sturm Und Drang of Redesigning a Website: @thedailyheller covers the years of planning, coordination and hard work it took to get our new http://SVA.EDU  website redesign implemented and up and running for @PRINTmag.  #SVAawesome

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