The mirage of California has been a mainstay in movie media. Here. we look at the title sequence design and typography in five classic films set in California to examine how it reflects and reinforces that uniquely West Coast state of mind.

An experiment: I designed a PDF of my most recent article on Renaissance Memes & Emblem Books. I’ve settled on $3 for the digital download (should print pretty well too). Knock yourself out! …

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We're taking it back to the @HOWBrand 1991(!!) archives today with the **incredibly important** question: If you were stuck on a desert island with one typeface, which would it be?!

Renaissance pixels! More about these books & others in my upcoming article on the first printed fashion publications. [cc @SebLester ] #typography #renaissance #pixels

Every year, we show love to hundreds of winners in HOW's design competition winners. For 2019, we put them in a big, beautiful special issue magazine. Download the issue in its entirety (for free!) on our site, and dig in to some delicious design.

In the late 1960s, women were on the receiving end of pointed, focused advertisements for cigarettes. We take a look at cigarette branding in the age of Mad Men and magazine ads.

Despite our best efforts and endless cups of coffee, we all need a little inspiration sometimes, right? These 32 graphic design quotes from the cream of this discipline's crop will shake you out of your funk and into productive creativity.

Let's take a look at a very specific sort of branding: candy store branding. With its bold patterns, bright colors, and loud in-store experience, the candy store retail space can be sickeningly saccharine - and impressively, impulsively fun.

In case you missed it: …

So real talk: what does go into the best packaging out there and how can designers harness those aspects for themselves?  #howdesign #packagingdesign #consumerssay #Top5

Custom product boxes create buzz, add value, and may even convince someone to make a YouTube unboxing video. and For building brand and social proof, custom boxes are a fantastic way to make something mundane into something magical - and spread the word.

The English speaking world has so many typeface options that it's baffling. The same can't be said for non-Latin scripts. Some resourceful typeface designers are determined to change that and develop world typography in a big way.

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To make the most impact, copy and design have to work together. The copywriter/designer duo's got to be powerful, collaborative, and strategic together, and the best way to make that happen is to communicate.

We have scoured the web for you and found: the 51 best dang color resources on the Internet. This one serious list. Color us excited.

Renaissance Memes, Baroque Bagpipes, Beavers and the Chemical Pleasure Garden: … [with thanks to the @metmuseum] #typography #bibliophile #fonts

Pierre Katz is known for bringing life back to luxury brands. We talk with him about the iconic legacy brands he's reinvented, rejuvenated, and reignited and how he creates a new identity without abandoning the one that came before.

I'm sure you can't wait to find out why this early 16th-century beaver is biting off his own testicles.

Coming soon to ILT: ‘Renaissance Memes and the Chemical Pleasure Garden.’ (And that beaver.)

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Wedding invitations can say a lot about you and your partner. Despite some rallies for the digital invitation takeover, we're thinking that wedding invitations should stay analog. Here are some beautiful reasons why!

If you follow us on Twitter, chances are you know about the International Typographic Style, a.k.a. the Swiss Style. Here, we're honoring this style, the typefaces that were born from it, the people who created it, and the principles that guide it.

A great poster's not about great aesthetic; it's about a clever idea that's skinned with a great aesthetic. Famed poster making extraordinaire Allan Peters breaks down his top tips to take your poster designs to the top of the stack.

For many, New York is the dream. And for designers, that dream makes total sense. Jason Tselentis takes a look at New York as the seat of design.