Copyright isn't a particularly fun topic, but it's an important one. Today, we've got an article that breaks down the nuts and bolts of protecting your work via copyright:

Gina (HOW's editor) and @justinahrens (of @rule29) talk big ideas: @SappiNA's Ideas that Matter. This competition calls for design projects that seek to positively impact the work. Watch the discussion:  // Get more information:

. @GhoulishGary is making horrifying things. This long-time illustrator, art director, and creative force in the horror industry deep dives into his methods, monsters, and the drive behind his very scary work.

Why be a knight or a tiger when you could be a.... banana slug?
@tdnewcomb picked the top 10 weirdest, oddest, most puzzlingly, headscratchingly strange college mascots and logos!

In this interview, painter Jinn Bronwen Lee and @joodstew talk about being a Frankenstein but really being the monster, roadkill as inspiration, and why Jinn paints images that can't be pinned down.

Arc'teryx wanted to showcase local pride and connect community. Armed with a few ideas, they created 20 designs representing the brand's stores across the world and put 'em on patches. @tdnewcomb takes a look at how they got there.

No matter which way you look it: ambigrams are cool. They're effective in any direction, and it takes know-how to make these effortless-looking marks work. Nikita Prokhorov tells us her unambiguous ambigram secrets:

FACT: Orange Crush bottles used to be brown. FACT: They're not anymore. FACT: Orange Crush is still orange. J.J. Sedelmaier takes us through the design and fizzy, bubbling history of vintage bottles (and labels) of Orange Crush.

Shrouded in mystery and teeny details, engraving is often unknown territory. In this one, Nancy Sharon Collins digs in (engraves, if you will) to a complete glossary of terms, tools, and techniques. 
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Every year, the World Happiness Report examines global happiness place by place. But what does that data actually LOOK like? Vivid Doors in the UK decided to find out. Take a look at all the happy:

And we're back! ➔ Meet , v. 4.0.

Another day at HOW Design Live, another recap with Amy Conover and Alex Withers from @inmotionnow. Get the highlights and get HDLed here! @HOWEvents …

Be what’s next at Carnegie Mellon University. In @CMUInnovation’s master’s programs, design breakthrough products and services while working alongside talented designers, engineers, & business professionals. Learn more about @CMUinnovation:

Less administration, more ideation! Mfactor is disrupting the way creatives think about project management. Visit booth number 410 at HOW Design Live to learn more or check out .

Brains need exercise just like the rest of us. Keep your creative muscles ready to hop, skip, jump, and move with these tips to get your creative energy way, way up.

Wonder Woman's no stranger to the printed page, but she's made her way to the Smithsonian Libraries as well. Their Wonder Woman Collection tells the story of her creator, her origin, and her first costume.

Five ‘business’ lessons to learn from the first printed editions of Dante's Divine Comedy: … via @cristianispir

Shutterstock's coming to HOW Design Live! Find them in booth number 407, and between now and May 7th, find photo inspiration at .

Such clarity in this late fifteenth-century humanist script. Looks almost printed and is surely influenced by contemporary printed editions and their roman fonts. … ht: @T3D2019

Puno Puno builds websites and brings people together. Sometimes even at the same time. She's speaking at HOW Design Live, and in this podcast, she's speaking with Ilise Benun about how to talk to strangers and not be awkward doing it.

. #HOWDesignLive is a big ol' conference. Don't just show up. To see the most, learn the most, and do the most, you'd better have a plan. Here's our take on how to squeeze every drop out of wonder out of HDL.

For Mike Wasilewski, it all started with an ugly t-shirt. Or a bike magazine. It depends. Either way, as co-founder and COO of @FrankCollective,, he values purpose, clarity, and making everything as cool as he humanly can.

Prince Valiant's been in print since 1937, and Mark Schultz had been a long time reader. Now, he writes the comic and loves it more than ever. We talk adventure comics and icons with Mark!

**PSA: the Regional Design Awards deadline's moved to May 1st!** For you last minute types from the U.S. who do fantastic design work, hit the link! 
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Big fan of Regnault Chaudière’s l’Homme sauvage printer’s mark. He began as a bookseller and later in life turned to printing. When Simon de Colines' died in 1546, Chaudière inherited his equipment (lucky guy!)