As a cartoonist, George Booth is an Everyman's man. As a cultural observer, he's insightful and interpretative. His work in The New Yorker spans decades and national events...and has a high number of cats. 
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And everyone needs each other. Examine and explore everyone....because everyone will be here. (Including Ilise Benun!) Come meet everyone at HOW Design Live May 7th - 10th in Chicago!

In design, texture adds dimension. Pum Lefebure and @NeenahPaper tackle the tactile in our latest look at design principles. 
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Design isn't what it used to be. HOW Design Live isn't scared to take on the elephants in the room and make them manageably sized creatures full of wisdom. Come tackle the big stuff at #HOWDesignLive in Chicago in May!

Happy Pi Day, pi(e)ple Please enjoy these stock photos of Pi(e) and groundbreaking commentary from our editor (who is taking Pi Day entirely too far and has invested too much in this already). 
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Typography and the Queen of Sciences – the first printed math books. … #typography #history #math

The 80s are taking us back to the future in 2019. With pastels and paper texture looks and bold, bright, boisterous designs, 80s as inspiration is choice.

The latest from @VANS_66: murals that changed overnight, reflecting both the brand's #skateboarding heritage as well as its modern design focus.  #howdesign #vans #branding #sportsdesign

How was your weekend? Recall: 3 days left!

With its signature look and Jazz Age swagger, art deco architecture still has its place - literally and figuratively. Steven Heller takes a look. 
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This is us telling you the truth: we want you to come to HOW Design Live in Chicago in May. We genuinely believe it'll inspire you, challenge you, exhaust you, and make you a better person, designer, thinker, and doer. 
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Good juju. Good vibes. Good people. HOW Design Live is for gathering and growing, for discussing and debating, for discovery and design. Tickets (and good juju) are still available for our this event in May in Chicago!

From India with internships in New York City under her belt (and a prior mention in our sister publication @printmag), Simoul Alva's skill in combining culture and whimsy make her a firecracker on the come up.

Experience designers have a big goal: create meaningful and valuable experiences - everywhere. Through collaboration across design disciplines, they make it happen. Find out how: 
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The founder of FuckJerry, Elliot Tebele, has been stealing creator's original content for years. @megh_wright tells us why this sucks and why fighting back isn't brave - it's necessary.

From @ImageComics, @WM_Comic strikes lightening. With a distinctive look and a rich story, this title's on top. We talked with co-creators @jodyleheup and
@nathanfoxy and design mastermind @hellomuller about how they brought it all together.

With script inspirations, cultural information, and anti-elitist aspirations, @Tribeca's festival collateral won them a #HOWDesign In-House Design Award! Congratulations to their team! …
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Color makes us feel some type of way, and when it comes to logo design, understanding color perception leads to design decisions that impact perception, meaning, and brand identity. Understand why and how: …
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40 great moments from last year's HOW Design Live and more are sure to come as we start the countdown to this year's extravaganza for creative thinkers and designers in Chicago May 7-10.  #howdesignlive #howevents #howdesign #designinspo

Barbara Kruger's "Belief+Doubt=Sanity" takes over the lower level of the @hirshhorn and makes us descend into question. See this larger-than-life exhibit: …

A new industry report breaks down the challenges facing in-house creative teams: maintaining morale, creative collaboration, and lagging leadership. Read our breakdown and major takeaways right here: 
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In this one, we talk with @MARTYneumeier, author and branding mastermind at @liquidagency, about design thinking fill thought gaps, gets co-opted by big organizations, and why whining about it won't help anything.

New on the blog: Renaissance metal, french sieves and Spanish borders: …

Chip Kidd discusses all the whys behind his HOW Design Live presentation: Don’t Be Afraid Of Being A Tiny, Ugly, Failure!  #chipkidd #failure #howdesign #howdesignlive

Rediscover your love for the design community...and your love for your work. #HOWDesignLive is all about refocusing and reconnecting. Find your people with us in Chicago starting on May 7th!