Wedding invitations can say a lot about you and your partner. Despite some rallies for the digital invitation takeover, we're thinking that wedding invitations should stay analog. Here are some beautiful reasons why!
My font Cast (Family Pack and Basic Set) is available until July 20, 2019 with a discount of 65%!
Illustrator and brand marketing strategist Shayla Hunter began her 100 Black Females Project at SVA ( @SVA_News) three years ago—and never stopped:
Dennis Elbers details how the @GraphicMatters festival has evolved, and the sociopolitical role that design plays today:
Why Do All Diplomas Use Blackletter Typefaces? @Monotype's Charles Nix Breaks it Down:
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"These Shoes are Trash." Meet Nike's sustainable Space Hippie.
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Building Book Covers With Anna Morrison ( @annabookdesign):
The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks, Animated and Illustrated in a New Film by @Eido_Co:
For #TypeTuesday, we take a look at a pair of new faces: Buenos Aires type collective @sudtipos’ Confitería and Dilemma.
bien joué!
The Daily Heller: Demonstrative Typography, and Trump's typographic surprise:
Even though commencements had to go virtual this year, design schools weren't short on brilliant speakers and powerful messages. Here are five addresses and celebrations to watch, featuring @SCADdotedu, @UArts, @SVA_News, @risd and @parsonsdesign:
Stolen from a genius!
Yeah, it's not easy. Trickier than the old level 2. 19 s a decent score.
I knew that would trip someone up! Anyway, 29 is the highest I've seen. Two more levels to come soon.
In December, Keith Cartwright shook up the ad world by leaving 72andSunny. Now, he’s back to shake it up again with the launch of Cartwright. Here's a look at some of his powerful work:
Legendary design writer Ralph Caplan passed away last week. Head to PRINT for a reflection by Steven Heller and a collection of 15 wisdoms from the man who famously said, "Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous."
On the latest episode of Design Matters, Ina Mayhew traces the winding path of the arts that led her from New York to Italy and back again, to the fascinating world of film production design: